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Free (limited time) download of Skeletons EP

Super Duper Update - Band & Solo shows, Free EP, Attempts at humor and more…

Some people may have observed, in between this past summers’ unyielding scorch-fest heat wave  and Jackie Chan’s fake death reports, that I dabble in music, and occasionally post various genre-optional tunes of my own creation. Well, this song making thing has kinda gotten the better of me and now, apparently I’m in a MOOD.

A force not of this earth has coerced me into scheduling a good number of solo shows, entering contests, and basically yielding my guarded self to my ambitious self.

For what reason?

I’m still trying to figure that one out actually. BUT, it absolutely has nothing to do with the number of oversized raccoons I watch daily from my back patio performing turf war rituals and threatening ducks at will. That’s none of my business and I’m staying out of it.

INSTEAD, I’m finalizing a ton of new musical offerings, and introducing a new solo music page here which details my Fall adventures into stylish live performance, and contest mischief. If you’re of the mind to brave a tide ready to crest, I’d love you to join me. I’m truly in motion and cannot stop - plus I’m a pretty good swimmer.


10/12 @ 6 PM
COASTERS for ARToberfest Festival in Downtown Lake Worth, FL
Solo performance with piano accompaniment by Chris Coates aka Project Mayhem

10/29 @ 8-11pm
AMERICAN ROCK, Deerfield Beach, FL
TOP HAT TUESDAY(s) (inaugural weekly performance - addit’l shows: 11/5,11/12,11/19)
Russ Rogers solo w/ Project Mayhem piano accompaniment and DJ set

11/17 @ 3pm
BEAR+BIRD GALLERY (inside Tate’s Comics), Sunrise, FL
Small Things Art Exhibition Opening 
Featuring acoustic performances by Brian Franklin and Russ Rogers

11/23  @ 10pm
AMERICAN ROCK, Deerfield Beach, FL
Live performances by A New Way to Live Forever and Drip Effect


I sincerely believe I offer a different spin on the perceived “singer-songwriter” mold, which is why I entered this thing. Don Was is a judge, and he’s as varied as they come (google him). If you’d check out my entry and show some love, like, comment, whatever, I’ll consider hijacking an ice cream truck and doing some serious rounds in your neighborhood. Either way, putting myself out there is it’s own reward paid in growth as an artist and person, so it’s all good.

*Thanks for reading this (if you made it this far).


A New Way to Live Forever is in the studio recording a new CD, DRTY LVRS is planning a Blaq Masquerade that will pump your groovicles into rhythmic submission, and my friend/brother James Coyle has found his voice quite impressively via his new band StarPound. Check it all out if you can.


I’m offering up a free download of the first in a series of “skeletons” EPs. These songs are current or past demos, live recordings, or works in progress that I wanted to officially stamp in time. None are finished versions, but all are sincerely attempted and unofficially released until now. Grab the collection of 6 tunes for the price of an email address.

PS: If/when all the lights go off around the world, there will still be music. Let’s share and enjoy as much of it as possible together. Art is humanity, just as we are each other.